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Legitimacy of Pricing

July 2019 – Stephen Cammllarie

I am the owner of Deer Valley Recycling, I’d like to address some of the concerns regarding Aluminum Can (UBC) and Copper pricing.

We are a legitimate recycler in Phoenix (one of the very few in this state) and have been for over 17 years. Running our business with highest level of Integrity, Environmental Responsibility as well as having Certified Scales which are calibrated approximately every 90 days (AZ State only requires certification once a year). No other recycler to our knowledge goes to these extremes to ensure you get paid for every pound you bring in. We have a perfect compliance history, following all of the A.R.S. regarding the recycling laws in our state during our scheduled and unscheduled inspections by Phoenix Police Metal Theft Unit, 100% compliance for over 17 years! We are not the problem but rather the solution to responsible & legitimate recycling in the North Valley.

When you can sell UBC’s in todays market for $.70 per lb or more you’re more than likely dealing with an illegal, operation. The only way you could, is if your taking them to California and cashing them in against the CRV (California Redemption Value) which means you would have paid a tax (CRV Tax) of $.05 PER CAN or BOTTLE taken from the grocery, gas station or convenience store in California at the time of purchase.

The minute you take UBC’s over state lines and sell them in California or any other redemption state, you’ve committed a Federal Offense, its called Interstate Travel. You are defrauding the State of California or any other respective states redemption program out of the tax you never paid at the time of purchase these cans or bottles.

Due to the level of fraud that California’s Redemption Program is having, the FBI and Phoenix PD have a task force to crack down on these illegal operations. This info is readily available on the internet.

Therefore we do pay a fair market price for the UBC’s that come through our gates. If you take a minute to check with the only two Publicly Traded Recycling Companies in Phoenix, (S.A. Recycling & Liberty Iron and Metal) you will find we are within $.05 per lb.. This is one commodity that the big yards don’t have a HUGE advantage over yards my size.

As for the other concerns regarding Copper pricing. We are a neighborhood recycling operation that has overhead like any other business. Common sense would tell you there is no way we can compete with an organization that buys millions of pounds of non-ferrous every month, nor can we command the pricing they can, due to the sheer volume they control. The key here and success to our business, we offer a convenient professional & knowledgable service, where you do not have to travel into south Phoenix in order to cash in your recyclables or deal with an illegal operation, yet still receiving a fair market value for your commodities when considering all the factors involved (travel time, 7 day police holds and market fluctuations to name a few).

There are laws in place which require us to take ID’s, Fingerprints and Pictures of the scrap being sold, as well as the seller. Within those laws, there are certain commodities and/or thresholds that require us to mail a check to the address imprinted on your ID. As for someone not receiving their check or us not making it right immediately upon being informed, is an outright LIE. To my knowledge, since the check law was passed in Arizona, we have had only 1 check to date that has not been resolved or redelivered due to the customer moving. Unfortunately they have not called us with their updated mailing information.

I will not, nor will I ever do anything that will knowingly break the recycling laws of this state or any other, just to stay competitive with an illegal operation, regardless how much money I could make. I will never compromise my business or personal ethics for anyone, period!

So before you take your time to post any Erroneous Information about my business, please educate yourself. Just because you can sell UBC’s for those prices, doesn’t make it LEGAL.

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